Technical school
Warsaw Center

Vizja Technical College

Co gwarantuje nasza szkoła:

Professional practical training
Specialized staff - practitioners and trainers
External certification of qualifications
Strategic partners from the IT industry
Modern infrastructure and equipment in laboratories
International environment
Two foreign languages
Extended mathematics and English language
Cambridge language certificates


Professional qualifications:

INF. 03​
Creating and administering websites and internet applications as well as databases
  • 4 weeks of professional internships in the second year
  • Exam confirming qualifications in the second year
INF. 04
Designing, programming, and testing applications
  • 4 weeks of professional internships in the fourth year
  • Exam confirming qualifications in the fourth year

Schedule in the education cycle

Subjects covered in the training cycle

In total in the training cycle: 1900 hours of vocational subjects 100% of vocational training hours conducted in specialized workshops

professional subjects

28 %

professional subjects

72 %

Designing and creating websites
Website workshop
Designing and administering databases
Database workshop
Programming web applications
Web application workshop
Basics of programming
Programming basics workshop
Desktop application programming workshop
Software design
Software design workshop
Object-oriented programming
Object-oriented programming workshop
Mobile application programming
Mobile application programming workshop
Advanced web applications
Advanced web applications workshop
Testing and documenting applications
Application testing and documentation workshop
Basics of computer science
Specialization (class V)
Occupational safety and health
Professional English

General education subjects

  • Polish language
  • English language – advanced level
  • Second foreign language to choose from: Spanish, French, German
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Mathematics – advanced level
  • Computer science
  • History
  • History and present times
  • Philosophy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Safety education
  • Physical education
  • Business and management

Additional courses and preparation for external certification

Cisco, the world leader in networking solutions, is a strategic partner of Vizja Technical College. As part of the Cisco Networking Academy Program, students take courses and utilize additional tools such as:  
  • Packet Tracer network emulator
  • Virtual laboratories
  • Educational games
  • High-quality networking equipment
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Sample Cisco Networking Academy courses offered in the education program:



Programming Essentials in C++
Programming Basics
Programming Essentials in Python
Programming Basics Lab
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Computer Science
Networking Essentials
Computer Science, Basics of Computer Science
NDG Linux Unhatched
Basics of Computer Science
Advanced Programming in C++
Object-oriented Programming, Object-oriented Programming Lab
DevNet Associate

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Recruitment rules

Registration via the form on the website
Stage 1
Preliminary exams in Polish, English, and Mathematics
Stage 2
Discussion of the diagnostic results during a meeting with the Director
Stage 3
The school director’s decision to enroll the student in a specific class
Stage 4
After a positive decision on admission – signing an educational agreement
Stage 5

Exceptional educational and upbringing space

  • Modern laboratories and classrooms
  • Well-equipped computer rooms
  • Additional infrastructure (courtroom, stock market simulation room)
  • Cafeteria with international cuisine
  • Professional sports facilities with a climbing wall
  • Chillout zones for students
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Supporting students’ talents and self-government
  • International community and friendly atmosphere

Specjalistyczna opieka psychologiczno-pedagogiczna

photo opieka psychologiczno-pedagogiczna
Na każdym etapie kształcenia nasi uczniowie mają zapewnione profesjonalne wsparcie i opiekę w zakresie profilaktyki zdrowotnej oraz psychologicznej. Bieżące obserwacje, konsultacje, diagnozy, terapie oraz warsztaty prowadzą tacy specjaliści, jak: ​​  
  • pedagog
  • psycholog
  • fizjoterapeuta
  • socjoterapeuta.
  Na terenie placówki działa też doradca zawodowy i doradca karier.