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Babies have different needs and their own pace of development – but all require acceptance and respect, which facilitate the learning and socialization process. At the nursery TE Vizja, we care about a friendly, warm atmosphere, an individual approach to the children, and cooperation with parents at the highest level. Our priority is the safety of children and multidimensional support for development through educational, sports, and artistic activities. Our psychologist also helps parents with many difficult parenting and developmental issues.

What our nursery guarantees:

Small groups
Family atmosphere
Safe infrastructure
Highly qualified staff
Healthy meals with dietary considerations
Allergy-friendly environment
Specialized psychological and pedagogical care

Offer of activities

English language - twice a week
Music classes
Rhythmics - twice a week
Children's mathematics
Sensory activities for toddlers
Dance classes
Classes conducted with the Good Start Method
Learning about emotions

Comprehensive development

Themed days

Teddy Bear Day, Post Day, Smile Day, or Pumpkin Day – our annual calendar is filled with unique holidays and the fun associated with them.

Carnival balls

Balls are not only an opportunity for children’s beloved dress-up games, but also a great training for positive group relationships and expression through singing and dancing.


Thanks to walks and both near and far trips, little ones boldly explore the world and gain new valuable experiences.

Theater plays

Regular participation in performances – both as spectators and little actors – develops children’s creativity, imagination, and sensitivity.


We give children space to celebrate birthdays together – so that everyone can feel special!

Daily schedule

Children waking up
Free play / activities
Second breakfast
Outdoor time
Rest time
Main course
od 14:30
Activities / Free play
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of Open Days

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Recruitment rules

Online registration
Stage 1
Meeting at a convenient time
Stage 2
Signing the contract
Stage 3

Unique educational and upbringing space

  • Safe and modern infrastructure
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Extensive sports facilities
  • Catering and balanced meals
  • Partnership and communication with parents
  • Social actions and initiatives
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Activating work methods

Educational program "Clock of 12 values"

Throughout the entire educational process at TE Vizja, we implement the educational program “Clock of 12 values”, which supports parents in the upbringing process by introducing students to universal moral values – crucial in building satisfying interpersonal relationships and functioning in a civil society. The program is carried out in the form of various engaging activities – games, plays, theatrical performances, or art competitions – whose themes revolve around the successive values depicted on our “clock”. School classes are also equipped with dedicated educational aids related to the program, which is implemented in a form tailored to different age groups and enables the school and parents to follow a coherent and valuable educational path.
TE Vizja Circle of Values

Specialized psychological-pedagogical care

photo opieka psychologiczno-pedagogiczna
At every stage of education, our students are provided with professional support and care in the field of health and psychological prevention. Ongoing observations, consultations, diagnoses, therapies, and workshops are conducted by specialists such as:  
  • educator
  • psychologist