Primary school
Warsaw Ochota

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What does our school guarantee:

Extended curriculum
Two foreign languages
Modern infrastructure and equipment
Educational system "12 Values Clock"
Professional staff
Specialized psychological and pedagogical care
Modern education
Wide range of extracurricular activities
Individualized teaching
Family atmosphere
Preparation for the eighth grade exam

Extended curriculum of TE Vizja

50 %
Core curriculum of the MEN
mandatory number of educational hours
Mandatory part the same for every student
17 %
Additional hours
Increased number of instructional hours
13 %
"Olympic" and "Extra" classes
and the second foreign language
11 %
Thematic circles
extra classes
9 %
Creative activities
in the common room
Individual part tailored to the student's needs

The MEN curriculum has been expanded by over 1000 additional hours for grades IV-VIII, including:

Additional hours of classes within the subjects:

Polish language, mathematics, English language with a native speaker, second foreign language

Olympic and Extra Classes

OLYMPIC – additional lessons for children who quickly grasp the basics of the curriculum, enrich their knowledge, and prepare them for competitions and Olympiads. EXTRA – lessons for children whose predispositions require additional help from the teacher in understanding programmatic issues and developing personal potential.

Extra-curricular activities package

as part of the tuition fee

Creative after-school club

an active after-school program

Extra classes

within the tuition fee

  • Computer club
  • Nature club
  • Afternoon music sessions
  • Spelling bingo
  • Einstein Group
  • Math club
  • Nature club II
  • Scrabble
  • Platform 9 and ¾ club
  • Theatrical club
  • Homework help
  • History club
  • World traveler
  • Art club
  • Young explorer club

extra cost

  • Karate classes
  • Ceramics
  • Gymnastics with ballet elements
  • Kung fu classes
  • Break dance
  • Button with loop
  • Robotics
  • Chess for children
  • Dance
  • Decoupage classes

Foreign languages learning

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  • Extended English language
  • Learning a second foreign language
  • Small language groups from 6 to 12 people
  • Classes with a native speaker
  • Cooperation with the Foreign Languages ​​Studio AEH in Warsaw
  • Preparation for Cambridge exams

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of Open Days

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Recruitment rules

Online registration​
Stage 1
Diagnostic tests and a trial day​
+ Recruitment result​ + Admission decision​
Stage 2
Submission of documents​
+ Signing an educational agreement​
Stage 3

Unique educational and upbringing space

  • Safe and modern infrastructure​
  • Well-equipped classrooms​
  • Extensive sports facilities
  • Own kitchen and balanced meals
  • Partnership and communication with parents​
  • International school community​
  • Internationalization – partner schools and classes​
  • Social actions and initiatives
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Activating work methods
  • School and inter-school competitions
  • White and green schools

Educational program "Clock of 12 values"

Throughout the entire educational process at TE Vizja, we implement the educational program “Clock of 12 values”, which supports parents in the upbringing process by introducing students to universal moral values – crucial in building satisfying interpersonal relationships and functioning in a civil society. The program is carried out in the form of various engaging activities – games, plays, theatrical performances, or art competitions – whose themes revolve around the successive values depicted on our “clock”. School classes are also equipped with dedicated educational aids related to the program, which is implemented in a form tailored to different age groups and enables the school and parents to follow a coherent and valuable educational path.
TE Vizja Circle of Values

Specialized psychological-pedagogical care

photo opieka psychologiczno-pedagogiczna
At every stage of education, our students receive professional support and care in the field of health and psychological prevention. Current observations, consultations, diagnostics, therapies, and workshops are conducted by specialists such as:  
  • pedagogue
  • psychologist
  • speech therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • sensory integration therapist
  • educational therapist
  • hand therapist
  • social skills trainer.