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Warsaw Mokotow

General High School with Bilingual Classes

What does our school guarantee:

Preparation for international exams
Preparation for studying abroad
International school community
Teacher mentoring and student self-governance
Modern educational space
Unique atmosphere

International Program ​Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a prestigious, English-language educational program designed for students aged 14-16. It is implemented in the first and second grades of high school (IGCSE 1 and IGCSE 2). It concludes with exams that verify the skills and competencies acquired during the course of study. The IGCSE program is an excellent choice for students who plan to take international school leaving exams and study abroad, as it prepares them for the following two years of high school in international programs such as the International Baccalaureate or A-levels. Additionally, Cambridge IGCSE exam results are a mandatory part of the application process for many British schools and universities.
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The most important features of the program:

Program content is delivered in English or in a bilingual system (for Polish citizens who are not native English speakers, certain subjects must be delivered in the native language).
It prepares for external IGCSE exams, recognized worldwide.
The program allows for individual adjustment of mandatory and elective classes within specified subject groups.
It enables a smooth transition to international IB programs (International Baccalaureate) and A-levels, implemented in the third and fourth year of high school.

Realizacja ​Programu Cambridge IGCSE ​

Over the course of two years of teaching (1st – 2nd year of high school), the student undertakes both mandatory and individually selected subjects from 6 subject groups covering various areas of study.   The flexible choice of elective classes allows students to focus on subjects that align with their interests and that they plan to take in international matriculation exams.

Subjects in the IGCSE program

From specific subject groups, taught in English:

English language Second foreign language Mathematics Global Perspectives 3 optional subjects to choose from

For Polish citizens - compulsory subjects in the native language:

Polish language Polish history Security education
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Subject groups in the Cambridge IGCSE Programme:

Subjects offered within the subject group:

First language
Polish A, English A​
Language acquisition 
English B, Polish B, Spanish, German, French
Humanities and social science 
Business Studies, History, Geography, Global Perpectives
Experimental science 
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Co-ordinated Sciences​
Maths HL (High Level)​
​Art And Design, Physical Education​

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Recruitment rules

Registration via a form on the website
Stage 1
Preliminary exams in Polish, English, and Mathematics
Stage 2
Meeting of the Candidate and Parents with the Director (including analysis of the results of the eighth-grade exams and completion certificate of primary school)
Decision of the Director regarding acceptance of the Candidate
Stage 3
Signing of the educational agreement by the Parents
Stage 4

Exceptional educational and upbringing space

  • Modern laboratories and teaching rooms
  • Richly equipped thematic workshops
  • Sports facilities
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Innovative working and development methods, including Oxford-style debates
  • Internationalization: projects, trips, and foreign exchanges

Specialized psychological and pedagogical care

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At every stage of education, our students are provided with professional support and care in the field of health and psychological prevention. Ongoing observations, consultations, diagnoses, therapies, and workshops are conducted by specialists such as:  
  • pedagogue
  • psychologist
  • social skills therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • Johansen method provider